Sunday, November 24, 2019

30th Reunion

It's Sunday night.  We had a very quiet weekend.  This is a short week coming up.  The older two have half days Mon and Tues and are off Weds-Fri.  Luckily the twins have school Mon-Weds.  We are having Thanksgiving at our house so we need to start preparing!
These are from last Friday and Saturday.  

The boys stayed home with Amy Friday night.  

 I took Aden and Ariel to school for bingo night.  

 Ariel sat with friends.  
 This was the first bingo since the redistricting.  We had a lot of people there!
 Aden sat with friends.  I just wandered and talked to people.  
 We didn't win anything.  
 On Saturday, Ariel's cheer team went to a tumbling class at Airborne in Warminster.  
 We couldn't watch so I just left her there for 2 hours.  
 We took Aden and the twins out to lunch then picked Ariel up.  
 Eli doesn't quite get this game.  He always looks at the card before he puts it on his head.  
 Eli is the new Spiderman!

 That night was my 30th reunion at Maggios.  Yes.  30 years.  I'm not telling if it's 30 year from high school or pre-school.  
 I dragged Amy.  It's her third reunion with me and she's starting to get to know people.  
 I don't have much to say.  We have reunions every five years and I see everyone on Facebook so there isn't much surprising.  
 Everyone is still looking pretty good though.

 See you all in five years!

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