Sunday, November 17, 2019

My Car is in Russia?

It's a frigid Sunday night.  I went to the Eagles game with Aden.  We've been back for a couple of hours and I'm still shivering.  It was in the 30's with a strong wind.  It was actually a pretty entertaining game and the Eagles almost held out against the Patriots.  We had a pretty quiet weekend otherwise.  Oh yeah, I also had my 30th high school reunion!  (I'm telling everyone it was my pre-school reunion!) I should probably put up more pics as I'm getting far behind but I'm tired and cold and I just want to get under the covers.  (which Amy takes from me anyway.  I usually wake up with no covers!)

Last Friday night Mark and Melissa came over for dinner.  I actually cooked for everyone.  

 This is how I got through the night.  

 All the cuties.  Aden is too cool to hang with them.  
 It was cold last Saturday morning.  
 I might have mentioned this before.  My old car has been popping up on my app.  The car was totalled in the accident last year when the insurance company said it was beyond repair.  Well, it's working and it's in Russia somewhere.  The crazy thing is, I can control the car from the app!

 Anyone up for a trip?
 I took the twins for much needed haircuts.  

 Noah did well.  Eli was trouble.  

 Our cute boys.  
 That afternoon we helped the twins and Ariel with school projects.  Amy and I went to La Stalla that night with Ali and Todd and Rich and Sarah and Michele and Steve.  We had a very nice night which was made even better by our new 16 year old sitter who got the kids to bed with no issues!

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