Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Spirit Stick

It's Wednesday night.  Even though cheer should be over, Ariel was back there tonight.  Coach Lynde wants to keep the season going.  Most of the girls will be still on the team next year so she wants to keep them in shape.  We just have to find a gym.  We may even try to find some more competitions.  Where did this cold air come from?  It's going to be in the 50's, then 40's, then 30's by next week!  It's too early for that.  Back to last week.

This was Monday morning.  The kids are always busy playing when we get to school.
 That night was gym class.
 The teacher wore her witch hat!
 You would think this would wear out the twins, but it just makes them crazier.

 Good job Eli!

 That night, the boys took apart the tiles in the playroom.  
 And spread them out everywhere.
 That night the whole family ambushed me.  They wanted me to carve a pumpkin and roast pumpkin seeds.  Aden picked out a pattern.

 Having fun with the floor tiles.
 Amy didn't mind jamming her hand in the pumpkin.  Yuck.

 There she is!
It wasn't a whole lot of seeds.
 A little tv before bed.
 Ariel had cheer practice Wednesday night.  

 They added some signs to the routine.  Ariel got to hold one.
 At then end of each practice, the spirit stick is given to the stand out girl.
 Ariel finally got it!  She was so excited.

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