Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ariel the Photographer

It's a freezing cold Wednesday night.  Time to take out the trash!  Ariel has her last cheer tonight until January.  Amy is going to a girls night out at the synagogue.  I just want to get under the covers.  Here's a quick post from last Monday.  

Amy gave me no warning that Casey was coming with Kennedy and Johanna to hang out before gym class.  I ran around trying to make the house presentable.  The kids just went crazy.
 It was hard to capture.  They were moving around so quickly.

 Back upstairs to the messy playroom.
 Time to put on our shoes and head out!
 Ariel came with us and is responsible for most of the following pictures.  
 I can't get the kids to smile so I'm not sure how Ariel was able to pull this off.

 Silly kids.

 Their last class was this week.  We will have to find something else to do with all the kids.

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