Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Amy's Birthday/Strawberry Shortcake

It's Wednesday night and we need to make a decision soon about replacing our ac and heaters.  We are up against the 90 degree days that are coming!  Why can't this be easier?  Here's a big post, I need to catch up.  

Monday, Aden's mouth was sore from getting his braces tightened, so I brought home smoothies. 
The roses look nice.  
Eli has been driving a lot since I got a new battery.  
Noah would rather stay in and do art.  
Eli took Michelle from across the street for a ride.  
Then Ariel drove.  

Movie night.  They always want movie night.  That also means popcorn.
The boys were busy before bed.  
On Tuesday, Eli was back in his car.  
Aden was being helpful as usual making the twins cry.  

I decided to make Amy a strawberry shortcake from scratch for Amy's birthday.  I didn't start it until way after 10.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  
Aden actually did help a bit.  
It got really late so I put the cakes away to be iced the next day.  
Wednesday was Amy's birthday.  We headed to King of Prussia to get her a little something.  
Love it!  And you!

We went to lunch at a barbecue place.  I ate possibly the best thing I ever ate.  Ever.
I had been wanting to smoke a beef rib but have been unable to find one to make.  If I can just buy one a half hour away, I'm all set.  I ate this for lunch.  When I got home, Aden ate some.  Then Aden and I shared it for dinner.  It was huge!
I guess it's Ariel's bag now.  
The cake was like super hard but came out nice!  I wasn't sure how it was going to taste though.  
The neighbors and family came over to sing to Amy.  

It was a big hit!  Everyone loved it.  I was so surprised.  

There's the pretty birthday girl.  Hope you had a great day!


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