Thursday, June 3, 2021

The Tub Works!

It's a very stormy Thursday night.  I was just sitting on the covered porch.  That was pretty cool.  Anyway, back to last Thursday, Noah wanted to eat breakfast outside.  
My way to work has been hard the last 6 months.  They replaced the Bristol Road bridge over the turnpike and I was detoured forever.  It opened this day!
The twins school posted this.  

That afternoon, we went swimming at the neighbor's house.  
Right Chloe?

It was nice to hang in the pool and eat some pizza.  

That night, we packed the car and drove to Margate for the Memorial Day Weekend.  We went Thursday night to avoid the traffic on Friday.  
Friday morning in Margate.  Eli walked with me to get doughnuts but sadly Juniors was closed. 
We found doughnuts anyway.
Oh yeah, that hits the spot.  
There's our cool girl.  
Cooper came for a visit.  
Amy's dad helped me clean up the backyard.  It was still full of concrete dust from when they fixed the pad but the tub was not hooked up.  I spent weeks trying to get an electrician but no luck.  
But out of nowhere, an electrician showed up!  He was hired by the guy who made the concrete pad.  I was so happy.  Eli helped out and they hooked up the spa pretty quickly.  
I filled it up and turned on the heater.  I was so excited.  I thought it would be weeks before we got it going again.  
We took the boys over to my parent's house to swim.  Yay!  It's summer!  Even though it was like 70 degrees and cloudy.  

Ariel did virutal school.  
Hey Amanda!
Sydney is back from Virginia.  The girls haven't seen each other since Labor Day.  Syd joined Ariel's class!
Noah was busy with Legos of course.  
Eli and I were busy being silly.  

Then Ariel and Sydney took over the pool.  
Later that day, we had a special visit.  Baby Quinn came over with Alex and Andrew.  
It was our first time meeting him.  So cute.  
Ariel would not let go!
We picked up Juliet to stay over.  
I got in the tub the second it hit 100 degrees.  
Eli joined me.  
And the girls.  
So happy.  
Have a great weekend!


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