Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chilly Beach Day

It's Sunday night.  The Sixers are playing in game 7 and it's close.  Everyone is holding their breath.  Today was Father's Day and it will officially be summer in about 2 hours.  We were home from the shore and did some fun stuff around here.  Tomorrow is the first day of camp for the boys.  Should be a fun day for them!

Last Saturday, we woke up at the shore and went for a walk.  Eli saw a "no dog" sign and said he wanted one!
High tide.  
We went to Juniors and got a dozen doughnuts.  

Eli helped me balance the spa.  
Ariel and I took a ride on the scooter.  The beach was quiet.  

Our friends bought a condo in the building.  Ariel will have Ashley around the corner!
Eli wants to drive it so bad.  
Todd and Ali drove down around lunchtime to hang out.  
We headed to the beach even though it was a bit cool.  
Everyone is loving the new cart.  So easy to load up and push.  
It was quiet.  
The kids ran around the freezing water.  

Todd threw them around.  

It's nice the boys are close.  They are going to be in the same camp bunk.  

After the beach, Todd and I warmed up in the tub.  
We couldn't get Ali in.  
Brooke came to sit.  
The little ones watched a movie downstairs.  
Ariel and Sam watched one on our bed!
We walked to Sofia's for dinner.  We passed the famous white rabbit of Margate.  
Dinner was great.  
When we got back, Sam and Ariel wanted to get ice cream.  
They always get what they want!


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