Thursday, June 24, 2021

Storybook Land

It's Thursday night.  We went to a swim party at the neighbor's house tonight.  That was fun.  I'm going to end this week with last Thursday post.  It's big and Friday is big so it would be too much to combine them.  Last Thursday we went to Hot Bagels for breakfast.  
Then Amy and I and the twins went to Storybook Land.  The kids love it there.  We got there before it opened and there was a long line.  
So good to be back.  
The boys studied the map closely.

Amy went on the rides with them.  I held the map. 

Mary's schoolhouse.  
The three little pigs.  
Eli went on most of the rides!

This peacock was beautiful.

Eli couldn't be bothered.  

We were very busy.

Poor Amy.
Noah went on the roller coaster but was a little scared by it.  
Feed the goat!
Ariel was hanging with Honey and her cousins.  

She ran into Ashley on the street!  Ashley was down for the inspection on their house.
Pool time.  

Brooke came and played with the boys a bit so we could rest!

I dropped Ariel at Juliet's house.  There is a nest on their light!

Ariel went to the beach with Juliet and her sisters near sundown.  

We relaxed.  Have a great weekend!


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