Thursday, June 10, 2021

Top Dog, Maybe Not

Last Thursday, the boys got up really late!  We let them sleep in.  
Rachel came that night.
Sadly, our days with her are numbered.  

Ariel is getting more flexible.  
Learning a secret handshake.

We have to work on those facial expressions.  
A little tv before bed.  
Friday afternoon, there was a huge storm.  I had to pick up Ariel at school.  I could barely see out the window.  

The roads were flooded.  

Eli was Top Dog at school.  Although, since he hates dogs, no one could call him that!

The sky looked crazy before the next round of storms.  

After it passed, we headed to Margate.  We got down quickly.  
The neighbors were there so we caught up.
Eli was so happy to see Steven.  They are so much alike.  
I saw this on Facebook.  Someone was in the airplane over Atlantic City when the storm was coming.  Amazing pics.  
Have a great weekend!


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