Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thank You We ❤ U

It's Wednesday night and this is one huge post.  

I may have given the impression that last Monday was the last day at Breezy Point.  It was actually Tuesday.  Tuesday morning, we got to see the present the class made for Mrs. Allison.  So cute! 

Now this was the last drop off.  
We finished packing up Ariel for camp.  Then we packed for the shore.  
Then we went to pick up the boys.  The girls didn't want to let them go.  
It was very sweet.  

Bye Breezy Point!
We went to the shore.  Ariel ended up at the Dairy Bar with Eva and Gwen.  
Then they all played at our house.  

Aden and the twins had zoom meetings with their camp bunks and counselors.  The boys really didn't know what was going on but it was nice to see Nate and Luke.  
I took Eli to the playground where he promptly took over the place.  
He talked to everyone and set the rules for playing.  He is funny for sure.  
On Wednesday morning, we had a visit from baby Quinn.  
Then we headed to the beach.  
It was a beautiful day.  The kids played in the water.  

Good spelling Eli!

It got a bit chilly.  
But not too chilly.  

That night we went to Ocean City.  
We had snacks while we waited for Aunt Melissa.  
Amy's parents and Aden's friend Jason came too. 

All the kid wanted to go to the rides.
You can just about see the boys in that helicopter. 
There's Aden all the way up there.  

I went with the boys through a fun house.  

Ariel and the girls on the ferris wheel.  
Aden won a prize!
Jason too!  Good job guys.  
More rides.  
It was pretty crowded.  
We ran into Ariel's friend Tyler.  
Cute shot.  
Ariel is always ready to pose.  
Mini golf!

Then we headed home through the crowds.  

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