Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Next Our Homes

It's a hot and steamy Wednesday night.  The AC is still barely working upstairs.  Ariel just moved her pillow and blanket to the sofa.  I may be joining her.  It is supposed to be cooler the next few days.  We shall see.  Speaking of AC, our units at the shore had to be charged last Tuesday.  The guy sent this picture.  We have to charge them every year.  It's a bummer.  
That day, we had our friend Dave's dad's funeral.  It was a very moving service.  Dave and his brother spoke beautifully.  Then it was back to their house.  Ariel ran off with the girls.  
We socialized for a bit.  
On Wednesday, a girl from Ariel's bunk came to play.  They live in Huntingdon Valley.  Amy hit it off with the mom and of course Ariel loved the girl.  
Are you cleaning Eli?
I think I've mentioned our neighbors are fighting a new Wawa near us.  They made these signs.  Read them closely.  
Amy found a puppy.
Then Ariel took her.  
Hanging with the neighbors.  

Noah is reading to Eli!  


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