Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Memorial Day

It's a stormy Tuesday night.  Today I had a crown put in.  It actually wasn't as bad as I expected.  I just wish I could eat more.  I'm hungry.  The milkshakes aren't doing it for me.  Back to last Monday, which was Memorial Day.  The rain finally stopped.  Eli messed around with the beach cart, which I hadn't gotten to use yet.    
It's so cool!
I took Ariel for a ride on the scooter.  
Then I took the kids to play mini golf.  
They ran through it so quickly.  
This is Eli staring at the Monkey in the cage.  
I made them redo holes a couple of times.  They were going too fast.  

Julia stopped by.  
Ariel went to the beach with Sydney.  
I went to get her.  

It was quiet out there.  We then drove home.  
All the neighbors were out.  

It was such a lousy weekend that ended kind of nice.  
Playing in our pjs.  


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