Thursday, July 22, 2021

7 Weeks

It's Thursday night.  Today was actually cool and beautiful.  We had visiting day at Southampton Day Camp.  That was fun.  Back to last Thursday.  These are Ariel's pics from that day.  

We also got this letter from her.  Needless to say mixed emotions.  Happy she's happy but sad she's not coming home this week.  
Eva got a package from Camp Saginaw.  She wants to go there with Ariel!
That night we went to the NAC pool.  Eli talked about the big slides but Noah actually went on them with Heather.  

There's Amer in the lazy river.  
Eli is starting to let his face get splashed a little.  

Then we went to the playground.  

Look at that crazy cloud!
Then is was Friday.  These are Ariel's pics.  Not getting enough!
She's living the life.  
I went to the gym after work.  It was crowded!  
Then we drove to the shore.  Enjoying the ride Eli?
Nice to be back.  
Eli just runs next door and hangs with the neighbors.  
They don't mind.  
Looking back and our little balcony.  
Our friends Rebecca and Jeremy came with Emily and Wil.  The boys quickly started a pillow fight with Emily.  
We played some Scattegories and caught up.  We hadn't seen them in 2 years.  

Then some tubbing once the kids were asleep.  Have a great weekend!


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