Sunday, July 25, 2021

Rebecca and Jeremy Are Back!

It's Sunday night.  We did not go to the shore this weekend!  It was weird being home but everyone seemed to need a break from the back and forth.  I have a ton of pics from last Saturday, so I'm only doing some of them in this post.  We woke up to a couple of Ariel pictures.  

Then I woke up to see what the kids were doing.  All the other adults slept in.  
Oh, there are the girls in the background.  
The kids played well together.  
Wil and Emily are sweet kids.  

We headed out.  Wil was excited for a ride in my car.  
We went to the point in Longport.  They love it there.  We've been there before with them.  

I'm King of the World!

I made a picture!
We ran out of beach and had to climb the rocks.  

Those are some big rocks.  

Eli walked all the way out to the ocean.  

Contemplating the world.  

Time to head back.  
The beach cart is piled up and ready to go!
It was little Steven's birthday next door.  They had a huge 6th birthday party on the beach.  

It was a beautiful day to hang with great friends.  

Eli was very adventurous for Eli.  
Hey Emily.  
So, it was hard to get a picture but Aden's friend from camp kind of just showed up to hang with him for the day!  And the craziest part was it was a girl!  She had him in the ocean for a while amongst other things.  He later told me that women are exhausting!  Little does he know!
Sweet moment!
The party was huge.  Over 80 people.  We grabbed some food.  
But we still had lunch delivered.  

Aden's friend Lanie was great with the kids.  
So who is this girl Aden?
Noah had a lousy day.  Cranky and tired, he slept a lot. 
College buddies Amy and Rebecca.  
New buddies Emily and Eli.  
The cart all packed up to leave.  
It's really not so bad anymore.  The cart has been awesome.  To be continued...


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