Monday, July 5, 2021

Tumbling on the Beach

It's Monday night July 5th.  I'm home and ready to pass out.  I was so out of it today.  I'm not really sure why.  The 4th of July celebrations were great.  We had a really nice weekend at the shore.  Anyway, back to last Saturday.  

We had both our cars in the driveway for what might be the first time.  
Eli is sitting on the counter.  You know what that means.  Honey came over!

Eva did not want Ariel to go to camp.  

While we were getting ready to go to the beach, Rachel set up her dorm room!
There's the cart on the alien landscape.  
Thanks Eli.  

Ariel and Eva went in.  

When Amy got up, she was burnt on the other side!

The girls did some tumbling.  

We had a nice time hanging.  
Gwen loves Aden.  
Over to the pool.  
Then I took Ariel on a ride on the scooter.  
To see baby Quinn!  He's so cute.  
That night, we had a sitter and got to go to Steve & Cookies, one of the best restaurants in Margate.  

Look who came to say goodbye to Ariel.  Jen and Jon from home.  

We all went to the Dairy Bar.  

Thanks for coming guys.  
Eli wanted to see the sunset.  
So I took him.  


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