Thursday, July 15, 2021

We Are Covid Free

It's Thursday night.  We went to the NAC pool tonight.  Eli did a lot more than usual.  Getting more daring.  Noah went down the big slides with Heather.  That's the only thing that Eli would not do.  It was hot but not sunny so it was a pretty nice night out there.  Anyway, let's finish off last week.

Last Thursday, we woke up to some cute new pics.  Why is Ariel walking around camp in her pajamas carrying her stuffed animals?

They did the third round of testing and there were no Covid cases.  
So they all got to throw away their masks and resume a normal camp schedule.  
There was Hurricane Elsa headed this way.  
The boys all got haircuts.  

Coming along.  

Eli took Heather for a drive.  
We had dessert and drinks with Felice and Howard.  

Friday morning, the hurricane passed on by.  We really didn't feel it at all.  
Being silly before camp.  
Eli is still obsessed with fireworks.  
Friday's pics.  The ever present smile.  
They had a dance!


I don't know if I ever showed you the boys bathroom finished.  

The traffic wasn't bad so we left around 6 for the shore.  The sky all the sudden got super dark in New Jersey and it poured for a while.  
When we got down, it poured again.  Crazy thunderstorm.  
The road was flooded instantly.  
Some more pics from Ariel's dance.  
Have a great weekend!


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