Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Two Greatest Flags in the World

It's Tuesday night and Aden is 13!  Not sure how that happened. I don't want to jinx it but so far so good.  He still wants to hang with us and talk to us!  He's taller than Amy, just need him to get taller than me!  Wow, a teenager in our house!  
Last Monday we got a couple of Ariel pics.  This one is super cute.  
Hey girls.  
We got a wakeup call from our brown and fuzzy niece.  
Ok, we are up!
I saw this on Facebook and I agree!
Twin cuddles.  
Eli wanted to go to the water park near us.  We got there early and Eli had many questions for the girl.  
Then the crowds picked up.  
He did ok.  Many of the floats end up with you in the bay.  There was no way Eli was going to get wet so there wasn't a whole lot he could do.  
It's more than double the size it was last year.  

So crowded.  $35 a head.  Pretty good money.  

While we were there, Amy took Noah to play golf.  I think Noah won.  
Meanwhile, back at the house.  
You can see there was a lot of adult supervision going on.  
See ya girls!


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