Sunday, July 11, 2021

Full Bed

It's Sunday night and we got back from the shore and the hot water was not working!  Thankfully, our contractor lives close by and ran over to restart the pilot.  Hope that works.  We had a nice but quick shore weekend.  Ariel has been away two weeks.  Feels like way longer.  

Last Saturday morning, our king sized bed felt very small.  When did these 2 show up?  I left right after this picture and found another bed. We do have 13.  Why be squeezed in?  
When we got up, Eli helped me clean up the backyard.  

He tested the water in the tub.  
Melissa and Mark came in the morning to stay with us.  
We went for a walk and got to see Kathy and Ray visiting from Arizona.  We hadn't seen them in years.  
Of course we were right next to Junior's doughnuts.  
Cooper and Honey got to play!
Back to our house.  

There's my girl.  
The sky looked iffy so we just went to the pool.  

I got a picture of Aden!

Here's a throwback picture to the long defunct Margate boardwalk.  
The twins had a good time with Eva and Gwen.  When Ariel is around they usually run off with her.  
Look at that sky!
Walk back fast before the rain!
We all went for a walk.  

Sleepover are fun!


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