Monday, July 26, 2021

Ocean City Water Park

It's Monday night and Amy is engrossed in the Olympics.  I can't believe they are actually pulling it off after it being delayed for a year.  I watched some the sake boarding.  That was crazy.  Anyway, back to last Saturday.  After the beach, we went to the pool.  
I caught a picture of Aden and Lanie!

Big crowd in the pool!

Then we got some quality deck time in.  
We brought in food for dinner.  Lanie was still there!
The twins ran next door to help Steven open his presents.  

This is going to be trouble.  
We didn't go out, just hung out all night.  
These pictures came Sunday morning.  Love this one.  

Don't know what Marathon is.  
Apparently Ariel was a part of it.  

In the past, you might remember us meeting Amy's old babysitter, who lives in Las Vegas.  Her family comes in every year to stay in Ocean City, so we try and see them.  We met at Uncle Bill's pancake house and we caught up!
The whole crew!
Eli had been begging to go to the Ocean City water park and since we were there...

Hey Noah!

Eli sometimes likes to get splashed and sometimes doesn't.  You never know.  

They had so much fun.  
Amy and Noah went on a big slide.  I stayed with Eli.  

We were actually there a while.  
Then we headed out.  
Elaine and Edmond and family were actually on their way out.  We didn't see them the whole time but at least we did get a chance.  
Love that ferris wheel Eli.  My dad and Aden built it.  
Time to head home!


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