Monday, July 12, 2021

Happy Treason Day

We just got back from watching Black Widow at the movie theater.  We took Aden and some friends.  Good stuff.  Back to last Sunday, which was the 4th of July, or Treason Day to some people.  Lol.  
I woke up to some kisses.  And they weren't from Amy!

I went for a 3 mile run!  I started out with Melissa but when I stopped to say hi to someone, she kept going!  I ran past cousin Sandy's house and she was about to run so she joined me and ran with me to my house.  That must have looked funny to Amy and Mark that I left with Melissa and came back with Sandy.  
Dani came to help out.  She has sat for Eva and Gwen too so all the kids were excited.  
It's hard to tell but its was the most crowded I have ever seen this beach.  

Dani was great with the kids.  
Hey there Eli.  
Sweet shot!
We've been beaching together since 2005!

We actually didn't last very long.  It was just too crowded and uncomfortable.  
See ya beach.
We went to the pool for a bit.  
Aden cuddling with grandmom.  
Then back to go in the hot tub.  

That night Jaime and Abby with all three kids came for dinner.  I had been to Casel's earlier to pick up some food.  I tried to keep the grilling as easy as possible.  

I think the food came out ok.  We had fun catching up.  

A rainbow!
We all then headed to the beach for the fireworks.  
It was a nice night and pretty crowded.  
This was looking South.  
You could see Ocean City, Sea Isle City and Wildwood all doing their fireworks before ours started.  
Here we go!  It's kind of far.  

There is Eli watching and holding his ears.  This was the first time he actually wanted to go see fireworks.  He's usually so scared.  
These were the camp pictures we got that day.  There's a whole bunch!

The girl can definitely smile!


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