Thursday, July 8, 2021

Melissa's Birthday

It's Thursday night and I have a huge post for you.  It's also the calm before the literal storm.  Hurricane Elsa is headed this way in a few hours!  Let It Go!  Lol.  Back to last Wednesday.  It was super hot so we had the ice cream truck come to work.  
Oh yeah.  
Eli saw his tutor that night.  
Then we set up his little slide.  

We got more pics from camp!  Apparently she likes to eat.  

These are some cool activities I saw other kids doing.  

It was the nice before Melissa's birthday.  The four of us went to Local Greek in Princeton.  The food was great!
We were jealous.  Melissa got the first letter from Ariel.  
Yummy dessert.
Uh oh, the sky was getting scary.  The storm hit just as we got home.  Eli's blow up slide was still outside.  Only now, it wasn't in our backyard! I ran around in the pouring rain and wind and found it about 4 houses down!
On Thursday, we got 2 letters!  The first was a mad libs style that we made her start before she left, then all she had to do was fill in the blanks.  She teased me that there are 2 girls from Maryland in the bunk.  I said she couldn't be friends with anyone not from the area because I didn't want to have to drive 3 hours for playdates.  
Then we got another letter!  What a coincidence.  
It was Melissa's birthday, so we went over for cake.  It took a while for Eli to come in because of Honey.  
Happy Birthday!
The kids played nicely.  
I hung with Honey.  

When we got back, Noah wrote a letter to Ariel.  

Eva wrote one too!
Here are the pics from camp that day.  
I guess she's unhappy.  Lol.  
Now we are up to last Friday.  
More cute pics.  

We drove to the shore that night.  The clouds were crazy.  
You can see it raining off the left.  
Crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge. 
We got down late but the boys still wanted to run around outside.  Have a great weekend!


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