Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Happy 13th Birthday Aden

It's way too late Tuesday night and Aden and I just made Amy watch A Quiet Place so we could watch the new one.  She made it through and should be able to sleep tonight.  Back to last Monday.  

The bathroom is coming along.  
I actually got stuck at the gym for more than 1/2 hour because it was raining so hard.  I eventually just made a run for it.  
Heather had the boys.  
Amy and I took Aden, Ben and Krish to see Black Widow.  
Such a big boy!
Tuesday morning, the twins had their normal early morning snack.  Little Bites! 
Eli wanted to do some experiments before camp.  
More bathroom pics.  

Aden's friend Jason sent me a Snapchat of Aden during camp.  
The families came over to celebrate Aden's 13th birthday that night.  

Aden attacked all the little ones.  

Mark attacked Aden.
Eli got up on the island but Honey didn't even come!
Cake time!
Aden really does not like being the center of attention.  

My big boy!

Eli tried on Mommy's new high heels!
I think he's more comfortable in them then Amy!


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