Sunday, April 16, 2023

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

It's Sunday night and we need to kids to go back to school!  Last Saturday, we had tickets to the Spy Museum.  We had no idea what to expect but the kids were excited.  
We started out by getting our secret identifications and our id cards.  
The place was very well put together and very interesting.  At least that's what the adults thought.  All the kids were miserable.  

It was very interactive.  

We walked down.  
Then we walked over to the Wharf area to meet my cousin Jarrod.  
This whole area is new and so nice. 

We went to the Boardwalk Restaurant.  There were bikes and surfboards and video games and very casual food.  The kids were happy!

We walked some more.  
The bookstore was a big hit.  

Of course I found doughnuts.  

This is the only family pic I got of us the whole weekend!
We took an Uber to the White House.  

The kooks were out.  

Back to go swimming.  

Then more playing in the basement,  

We walked to dinner.
Carmines.  Yum.  

We ordered way too much food!

Right next door, was Clara Barton's house.  She the nurse that founded the Red Cross.  The boys have a book about her and know her well.  
Insomnia Cookies!  Yay.
We got back and gave out the cookies.  
Then we had an Easter egg hunt.  


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