Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Washington Day 1

It's Wednesday night.  Today so was warm.  In the 80s!  Last Thursday, we loaded up the car and headed to Washington DC!  It's about a 3 hour drive and usually, it's a pretty straight drive down 95 through Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore but not this time.  The traffic was bad in Baltimore so we drove through the Eastern portion of Maryland.  It was actually mostly pretty farmland.  Then we crossed over the Chesapeake Bay.

This was a bridge in Delaware.   
Here we are at the Bay.  
It's a long bridge.  
We made it in a little over 3 hours.  Our hotel was right by the Capital Building.  We checked in and headed out for lunch.
We went to Union Station where they have lots of food and also lots of really strange people.  
It was pretty there.  
Then we walked towards the Mall and the museums.  We ran into Melissa and family.  It was really hot.  In the 80s.  

The twins complained a bit but we walked pretty far.  

We finally made it to the Museum of Natural History.  
Eli is studying elephants at school.  
The Hope Diamond.  
The rocks and minerals were cool.  
We didn't have that much time because we had dinner plans.  We walked all the way back then got ready for dinner.  
We walked to dinner about a mile away.  The boys had their scooters.  
The sky looked scary.  
We passed by the AARP.  I should have poked my head in and told them to stop sending me stuff.  
We had dinner with Melissa and family and Lana and her kids.  

Aden tried a muscle!
They all walked back.  I took the twins in an Uber.  They were done walking.  
Doesn't look it here but the hotel was insanely busy.  
It was a warm day but the temp was dropping!
We checked out the pool.  
Then we hung in Mel's room.  

It was a fun first day.  


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