Monday, April 24, 2023

Pre Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday was a busy day.  First we had to line up the planets.  
After Hebrew School, we built marble tracks.  
Emily and Bellamy came to spend the day.  

We played outside a bit. 

Then we headed to the mall.  We did some karaoke on the way.  
The girls ran off to shop.  
The boys like to run around the mall.  
Then I took them to the playground where my day camp used to be.  I was sad to see the last building from the camp was knocked down.  

Such a cool place.  
The boys had fun.  

They are really into chess.  
A little shopping at Wegmans.  
We got home and both families were there to celebrate my and my sister's birthday a little early.  
Such a nice day.  
It was great to sit outside and talk.  
Yes, I cooked my own birthday dinner.  Smoked wings and steak sandwiches.  
Back to playing outside.  

Cake time!  We had the leftovers of my mom's chocolate cake.  It was gone fast.  

I set up a fire and we made some smores.  

Such a fun night!


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