Monday, April 17, 2023


It's Monday night.  Just got back from a very exciting Sixers playoff win!  Last Sunday, we got up, packed up, checked out and picked up some souvenirs and headed out.  
We drove through Georgetown and DuPont Circle.  Gorgeous areas.  

Lots of embassies.  
We made it to the zoo!
It's free to get in!  But hard to find!
It was a such a nice zoo but everyone was tired so we ran through it.  
The sea lions were funny.  
We ran into our friends.  
Asian elephants!  Eli is doing a project on them but he wouldn't pose for a picture with them.  
This is what we came for...
They were so cool!

It was crowded on the way out.  
The orangutan put on a show for us.  That was a nice goodbye.  
Then we drove home!  Here's Baltimore.  
Going through the tunnel.  
We made it home in about 3 hours and 15 minutes.  There was a little traffic.  Eli is getting more into art.  
Ariel tried some magic.  
Harper came to sleep over.  
We played yoga ball soccer.  

It was the end of a long 4 day weekend but the kids still had one more day off.


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