Sunday, April 23, 2023

Best Performer

It's Sunday night.  We had Ariel's last cheer comp of the season today.  It's been a long, emotional 6 months of cheer!  

Last Saturday, Noah had his first soccer game.  
Let's go boys!

All the proud parents.  
Eli came to watch.  
It was a good game.  

We scored early and often.  

Great win boys!
Our friend's new puppy came to check things out.  
Cheer practice.  

Cupcakes for the girls.  

I took Ariel and Faith to Starbucks.  
We took the twins to Learning Express to meet Mario and Luigi.  
That afternoon was the Airborne Elite Allstars award ceremony at Bucks County Community College.  
It was packed!
Each team was introduced.  
Then each team gave out a few awards.  Ariel got one!  For the second year in a row she got Best Performer!  They even mentioned her losing her shoe!  
All 275 athletes!
Best Performer
Some of her buddies got awards too.  
For the second year in a row, most of the girls from her other team, the Indians, got awards.  That says something about Coach Lynde.  
That night, we went to dinner in Lambertville with Todd and Ali.  
Then we pigged out on my mom's chocolate cake, which she had not made in many years!  It was yummy!


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