Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Soccer Starts

It's Wednesday night, the first night of Passover.  I have to stay away from matzoh so my tummy doesn't hurt!

Last Wednesday, we played some yoga ball soccer.  

Then for some reason, the twins gathered together all the video games systems they could find.  
That night, Noah had his first soccer practice.  Eli isn't playing.  Noah actually asked us if he could play.  He has friends on the team and one of his friend's mom is the coach.  
Nice to be back out on the fields.  

Noah did well.  
Why are you upside down Ariel?
We watched Pirates of the Caribbean.  
Melissa and Honey stopped by.  

Thursday, Ariel had her private.  

Then I went to tennis for a bit.  
Yoga soccer.  
Then back to Airborne.  Ariel lost a second base for the competition so they had an emergency practice.  It was complete chaos.  Most of the teams were there.  

They had do a full out in front of everyone.  Ariel and I were nervous.  
Thankfully they did pretty well.  


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