Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Happy Birthday to Me

Last Monday, I went with Aden, my dad and Amy's dad to game 2 of the Sixers playoffs.  They had won game 1 against the Nets.  
New seats.  On the end.  
Brought out my hand painted Sixers jacket.  
The 4 boys.  

The Sixers started out slow.  The first half was concerning but then they exploded in the second half.  

Go Embiid!
We won!
Last Tuesday was my birthday!  I'm always conflicted.  On one hand, it's nice to have the extra attention, on the other, I had to put people out.    
Ariel had some friends make me cards!  So cute.  

I met Amy for lunch and had a smoked old fashioned.  I smelled like smoke the rest of the day!
That night, we all went to Mt Fuji for hibachi.  Eli is terrified of the hibachi, so he sat far away.  

The dinner was fair.  
Aden ate lamb chops.  That's a new addition to his diet.  
It was a fun birthday.  
I went to Dave and Julia's for a late drink.  Dixie joined us.  


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