Monday, April 10, 2023

Cleaning the Fridge

It's Monday night.  The kids go back to school tomorrow.  Yay!  Last Sunday, the boys were piling things up early.  
I dropped off the kids at Hebrew School and instead of going back to sleep, I went to the gym and ran a couple of miles and lifted some weights!

Around the gym, there was a lot of damage from the tornadoes and storms.

I picked the kids and Dori up from school and we went to McDonalds.  
The girls had fun.  
Wow that food sucks.  

I cleaned out the fridge.  Wow, that was a project.  
Eli did Legos.  
The girls cheered.  

Noah did some virtual reality gaming.  

Aden went to play tennis with some guys from the team.  
Then we all went to the mall to get sneakers.  

And dinner where we ran into Heather!
Need help getting out of the car Ariel?


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