Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Beach Day at Cheer

It's Tuesday night.  It was so warm today!  Almost 80!  I had to put on the ac!  

Last Monday was beach day at cheer.  

One of Ariel's bases was going to miss the upcoming competition so they worked in a new girl and it went well.  

Tuesday morning, I tried to sneak a picture of Aden, who actually listened to his tennis coach and dressed up a little for match day.  
The school got a better picture!  So cute!
They were playing Council Rock North so I new some of the kids on the other team.  
Aden plays doubles so we had to wait for one of the singles to get done so he could get a court.  
He got to warm up a little.  

Crazy sky.  
Some of my friends were there to watch.  
Aden played but I didn't take any more pics.  
It was a quiet night.


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