Monday, April 3, 2023

Hanging at the Mall

It's Monday night.  It's supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow.  Yay.  Last Sunday, it was still pretty cool out.  After Hebrew school, I took the twins to the playground to meet Nate.  

They still love playgrounds.  

Good climbing Noah.  
Hey Nate!

While we were there, Ariel was with her Northampton Indians cheer team doing a bonding art project.  

I tried to take the twins to play mini golf but the places we went to were closed so I took them to the Oxford Valley Mall.  We passed by the long closed Farrel's Ice Cream.  Who remembers this place?  I can't believe it's still there closed like 20 years later unchained. 
The mall was actually pretty busy.  Many of the stores were closed but then in their place there were other activities.  Slime, arcades, air guns.  
We hit the arcade.  

Then the air guns.  
A lego store.  Look at that ship!
Toy store.  
So, in the morning, I played with the Playstation virtual reality.  I tried the platforming game Horizon.  It was absolutely amazing.  I was swimming, running, climbing through mountains.  Shooting arrows.  It all felt so real.  Until it made me sick.  I felt queasy the rest of the day.  Our neighbor Jessica is a physical therapist and came over to re-adjust the crystals in my ear.  I think it helped.  I felt better by the next day.  While she was over, she helped Ariel with her back.  
I wanted to wash my filthy shoes.  
They are in the wash here but you can't see them!
Once it stopped spinning, you could see them in the bag.  Cool.  
Good night!


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