Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fashion Show

Good morning Aden!  Time to face the last weekend of the Summer.  How sad.  We can't complain though.  We were expecting to miss out on the Shore most of this Summer because of the baby but in the end, we only missed 2 weekends!  We are also looking forward to next Summer when Aden can really enjoy the beach.

While we were packing to go to the Shore Friday, Aden put on a fashion show for us. He has so many cute outfits that are just a little too big still.  Look out for some great ones soon!

He almost fits into this one.

As Beverly would say, "Yes he is!"

We got a little hungry on the way down and stopped at a drive in restaurant.  So much easier than trying to drag the baby out and also we wouldn't have to worry about the stuff in the car.  Plus, it's fun!

Amy and Aden in the back.  I take them to all the fanciest places.

OK waitress, any day!  At least they could be on skates.

Is this gourmet eating or what?

It was pretty busy.

The drive down wasn't bad.  I guess people had left earlier in the week.  Amy's parents watched Aden so Amy were able to go out to a nice dinner.  We ended up at Johnny's in Ventnor.  It was really good.  The service was amazing.  I know Amy is pretty but we had a constant stream of young guys stopping by to see if we needed anything.  We were so full, we took Aden for a long walk when we got back.  You could tell it was a holiday weekend.  So many people at the Dairy Bar and Two Cents Plain!

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