Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eva's First Birthday Party

Sorry, I never did get to post today.  Didn't get out of bed till 10! Yippee!  Guess I needed that.  Then we got a surprise call that my cousins in LA were in and going to my grandmothers so I ran over there with the kids and spent the day with all them.  Then Amy decides I'm making chicken cacciatore for dinner.  It's 9:49 and I'm sitting down for the first time!  

Here's just a huge amount of pictures from Eva's birthday party Sunday.  This sign was really cute.
Me and my little man.
Trying out one of Bev's pops.
 Being nice to older ladies.

 Getting our hair pretty.
 Eva and her buddy Hailey.
 Is that Ms. Marilyn?
 Yes it is!  Ariel is back in her favorite place!
 The kids and adults had fun.

Helping out.

 Let's get up and dance!

 Aden does a great job looking after Eva.
 Back again.  She spent a lot of time there.

 He says he's too old for Ms. Marilyn but I caught him rocking out!
 There are all the instruments.
 Eva smashed her cake!
 Hey Mike!
 Bev and my mom made all of that.  Amazing.
 Read to us uncle Mike!

 Eva had a blast at her party.

It knocked Alex and Ariel out!

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