Thursday, December 25, 2014

More Elves

Just a short post for Friday.  Probably no one is looking anyway.  Ariel was terrified Santa was going to come her last night.  It will show you a tape later.  These will finish off last weekend.

The Elves were playing Skylanders while we slept.

 This was another day.  There was a mean potato sack race going on while we slept.

 Hey there.
 Here's another couple of Elf encounters.  Ariel's Elf was playing Mouse Trap with her friends.
 Aden's was busy with the toilet paper.
 Swim on Sunday.  I think Ariel's suit but be a bit too big.
 No Mrs. Tracey.

 Nicky grabbed the phone and took this.
 Nice hug!

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