Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two Nights of Turkey

Let's finish off Thanksgiving.  Aden told us he would try turkey.
 The great grandmoms were ready to watch.
 Here we go.  Let's find the tiniest piece in the world!
 He ate three tiny pieces and was very proud of himself.  How do we get him to eat anything besides pizza and pasta?
 Loving that tunnel.
 Ariel kept on her costume all night.
 Cuddle time with the grandparents.
 The whole gang!  Relaxing and watching the Eagles beat those stinkin' Cowboys!
 Cooper broke free from his room!
 Stella too.
 I guess she does look a little like Amy.
 Back to the tunnel.
 Almost walking!
 It's hard to believe they weigh almost the same!
 Good night dogs!
 Friday we met for lunch at Ben and Irvs.  It was insanely crowded but we were smart enough to call ahead and sit right down.  
 The only other thing we did that day was clean the house for Ariel's party.  Every toy was finally away!
 Back to grandmom's to wat leftovers.
 Ariel had to visit her bed again.
 Please can we take it home?
 A little pre-birthday present exchanging.
 Uh oh, Uncle Mark has me!

 Ariel read to grandpop.  No really, she did.
 Hey Eva!
 Aden has a special bond with Stella.
 Cooper needs his loving too!

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