Thursday, December 18, 2014

Watch Those Elves!

Got her letters up.  Now the move is official.
First night of Hanukkah!  Eva's first Hanukkah!
 Uncle Mark better watch out.  Aden is getting huge.
 Wow, everyone looking at the camera!
 Eva loved her first potato latke!
Present time!
 Eva helped the big kids.

 Then Eva got hers.
 Everyone knows the paper is more fun than the gifts.
 It was Lego night for our kids.
The kids got up in the morning and ran around the house to see what mischief the Hanukkah Elves got themselves into while we were sleeping. Ariel's Elf took a ride down the stairs in toilet paper.

 That looks like fun!

 Then we found Aden's Elf in the kitchen.
 He packed their lunches they way they wish I did!

Night 2.
 The next morning, we found Ariel's Elf in the playroom coloring.

 And Aden's Elf was really bad.  
 Although he is sweet!

 Yes, this was hard to clean up but it was worth it!

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