Monday, December 15, 2014

Fun Tim at Brodes Haws

Since Ariel moved out of the nursery, her dolls have moved in.  I guess they can keep the crib warm till the boys come.  
 She wanted to go visit.
 Someone else got jealous.  
 They wanted me to join them.
The kids were excited to sprinkle the magic dust on the Hanukkah elves.  Now they are expecting them to wake up and do something amazing.  We have no idea what that should be.  Any ideas?
 Saturday we did nothing.  At night we headed over to our friends house nearby for dinner.  The kids couldn't wait to play with Sophie and Brodie.
 We hung out in the kitchen and talked, the kids were everywhere.

 Brody has a cool bed.  The boys played a lot of Minecraft.

 Sophie's friend came over and joined in the fun.  Ariel was keeping up with the 10 year olds.  Funny.
So this is what Aden wrote about his night.  We love the frisky part.

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