Thursday, December 11, 2014

Party at the Hanukkah Store

So night 2 went well!  She went right to sleep and slept through the night!  Now what was Amy worried about?  Today, we had Ariel's 3 year checkup.  She's looking good.  Over 10% for height and weight for the first time!  

Back to Sunday.  Usually, after swim, we run home to shower but this time Ali called to let us know Ms. Marilyn was doing a show in Newtown so we went right there.  We were a mess but what the heck.
 Just like old times!

 There's Ali and Sammy.

 Ariel's favorite place to be.
 Horsey Horsey ride with me across the land across the sea.  Horsey Horsey ride with me...
 but do not let me fall!
 Sammy's turn.  
 Such a big boy.  It's funny to see him in Aden's old shirt.
 Let's dance!

 Aden is back from Sunday school!
 He remembers Ms. Marilyn too!
 The girls got to catch up.
 Todd has had his hands full!
 We had a quick lunch at Corner Bakery.  Mac and cheese for everyone!
 That night we hung out at my parent's house.  Aden was too busy with his Legos to watch the Eagles lose.
 There's Ariel!
 Aden built this thing really fast.
 I took almost no pictures this week so hopefully I take a lot this weekend even though we don't have much planned.  We are free all day Saturday if anyone wants to entertain us!

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