Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Basketball

It's Sunday night and we are watching the Eagles game.  All I can say is ugh.  I'm glad I'm warm in my house and not out there.  This weekend was pretty quiet.  We slept all of Saturday so therefore not many pictures to share.  Ariel has been doing really well in her new room.  She even took her first nap in there on Saturday.  Sunday we skipped a nap and paid for it!  

Back to last week.  The kids have been hanging out in Ariel's room.
So sweet.  Aden reading to Ariel.
This is a new basketball at the Northampton Rec Center.  Sadly, it's without Ariel's boyfriend Dylan and without her friend Ashley but it's supposed to be an amazing program.  Aden is still with Brody. Ariel didn't come this night but she's going to be really upset next week when she sees how boring it is for the people watching.
 Aden is really starting to get the hang of it.

 They did a lot of drills.
 And exercises.
 So of course Aden wasn't thrilled.  He would prefer to be playing a game.
 Jason was happy to see Ariel when we came to pick up Aden at aftercare.
 It's hard enough to get Aden to leave, he really loves it, but Ariel now wants to stay too.  That's why usually I get her and Amy gets him.
 On our way to school!  

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