Sunday, March 31, 2019

Baking at Hebrew School

It's Sunday night and we are watching American Idol in Hawaii.  I miss Hawaii.  We really need to get back there.  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Now are starting April!  

Back to last Sunday.  Aden's Hebrew school class did some baking.

We actually enjoyed eating what they made.
The twins started their Sunday morning hip hop class at the NAC.  They had 3 friends in there.  The twins Hannah and Ava and Paige.  
 It was a big crowd.

The young girls leading the class weren't very good.
 The boys did try though.
 Then we went to a playground in Newtown.

 Melissa and Mark met us there.
 Later that afternoon, Aden started flag football.  This time it's a little different.  There are no set teams.  They pick them each week.  Aden isn't thrilled about that but the organized teams play during Hebrew school.  
 Aden played quarterback for most of the game.  These were 9 and 10 year olds so Aden was on the bigger side.  He actually looked imposing under center.  I'm not going to post videos because I don't want to embarrass Aden.
 Then we went to Amy's parent's house for dinner.  Wow we did a lot that day.  Everyone was playing outside.  On the street.

 Yummy dinner.
 The end of a fun weekend.  Right Noah?

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