Thursday, May 9, 2019

Aden Riding

Just a quick post for Friday.  I'm too busy watching the Sixers dismantle the Raptors in game 6.  These are all from last Friday.
Building airplanes at school.  
 Aden has never been interested in riding bikes.  We have tried over the years to teach him but he just wouldn't do it.  Well that all changed on Friday.  A whole bunch of his friends rode over to play.  
 Eli joined in.  

 First some basketball.

 Ariel and Eli even got into riding bikes.  

 Then they played a little football out back but the whole time Aden kept thinking about how cool it was that these guys were all able to come over on their own.  

(You will have to excuse my technical difficulties here) So Aden had my dad come over to teach him to ride finally.  My dad did it the same way he did it with me.  He wrapped his belt around Aden and ran with him.  He got it pretty quickly!   Yay!

Here's a nice little surprise to end the week.  We can now have the kids meet us at the shore on Fridays!  That will save us a lot of trouble.  Well have a great weekend!

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