Monday, May 27, 2019

Aden to Ryan

We are back from the long Memorial Day Weekend.  We had nice weather for the first time in years.  Good enough to enjoy the beach Sunday.  Let's go back to last weekend.  Saturday morning we played outside early.  
 I then took 3 of the kids to visit my grandmother.  
 She was sitting with her sister watching a music show.  We got there just as the show was ending.  

 They were thrilled to see us.  
 Sea sick glasses!
 That night, Amy and I met Melissa and Mark in the Philly for dinner.  We used to go into the City for dinner fairly often but now we rarely do.  
 An early birthday celebration.  

 Fun time!
Scary Ariel on Sunday morning.  

 It was the last day of Hebrew school.  The parents were invited for the last half hour.  
 The kids had a great year.  Poor Aden won't see Sydney much until September.  
 Time for another football game.  
 Beautiful day.  
 They had a coach from the league and he was really good.  Aden had his best game yet.  
 Here are some highlights:

 Big win!
 Good job Aden!

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