Sunday, May 12, 2019

Hitting the Hard Rock

It's Sunday night and the Sixers are in the middle of game 7 against the Raptors.  I can't watch.  It's too close!  Today was Mother's Day.  I think Amy had a good day.  I made breakfast then took the twins out of the house for a couple of hours!  I guess she can't ask for much more than that!  

Last Saturday Eli was measuring everything in the house.  
 Then Abby came over to watch the kids for the night!  The last 2 years, we went away on this weekend, Nashville and Charleston.  This time we couldn't get out acts together so we decided just to go to the shore for a night.  
 Ariel had fun with grandmom while we were gone.  
 We got to the shore house pretty quickly.  About an hour and a half.  Thankfully, the house was in pretty good shape.  We headed over to Amy's parent's house.  They were hanging.

 Right Stella?

 Photobomb by Stella.
 We then headed over to Amy's favorite restaurant in the world.  Steve and Cookies.  She got her favorite dish in the world, their clam chowder.  
Across the street Lamberti's restaurant was gone!
 The food was super yummy.
 It was 5:00 before the summer season and the place was packed!
 We got back to the house just in time to see the Kentucky Derby.  We sat there for 20 minutes waiting to see who won!  That was a crazy ending.  
 Then we drove over to the Hard Rock Casino.  That place is always hopping.  We ran across a nice clothing store and Amy had fun trying stuff on.  She got a few different outfits!

 Nice looking ice cream.
 We sat at a bar and watched a band.


 I was so tempted to get a White House steak but I was still so full from dinner.  We had a fun night.

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