Sunday, May 19, 2019

Thundering at the Thunder

It's Sunday night and we are watching the finale of American Idol.  What a beautiful weekend!  It was warm and sunny.  We were outside a lot!  I even smell like smoke now because we were just making smores.  These next couple of posts are going to be long!

Last Saturday the boys were making a mess in the kitchen while we slept.  Notice the timer Noah is holding.  We are using that a lot now to help with behaviour.  It's working a little.  
 Haircut time for the boys!  Aden wants to go every month but it had been about 6 weeks.  
 They found the candy and cookies!

 The twins did well.

 Then I took them to the Warminster playground.  That was new for them.  

 We brought their crazy cars so they could drive around this little town.  

 They loved it!

 Do you guys remember Jordyn the babysitter from the shore?  She came all in the wan in from Allentown to help Amy while I went out with Aden.  It was nice to see her.  She just finished her first year at the University of Florida.  
 I took Aden to see the Trenton Thunder.  It was father son night from school.  
 We got to go onto the field before the game!
 We threw the ball around.  

 The up to our seats.  The Thunder are a AA team for the Yankees and only about 15 minutes from home.  
 It's a lot of fun.  There is stuff going on all over the place to keep our interest.  

 Boomer the Golden Retriever runs out to get the bat!
 Fun times!  
 It started pouring but we hung in there!

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