Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Here I Go Again

We had Aden's choir show tonight at school.  It was actually kind of nice.  I got to experience a little different music last week.  I went with Jason and Jason to see Whitesnake at the Parx Casino near my house.  Talk about a blast from the past.  
They rocked!  Just like it was 1985!
 David Coverdale still looked pretty good.  

You might know this one.  
The drummer was crazy.  He played with his bare hands!
 It was a fun show.
Of course we had to buy some throwback shirts.  
 Rock on!
How can you cry making pancakes?

Homework time seems to be getting later and later.  
The girls having fun with Snapchat.

It really is fun to play with.

 We are money!

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