Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Some More Smores Please

Here's a big post for your Wednesday.  Last Sunday, after Aden's game, I took the twins to Tanners to see the cows.  
 They weren't very interested.  
 Then we met Amy and the other kids and Ashley at Amy's parents to swim a little.  

 I noticed their neighbor has 3 Tesla battery packs for the house.  That's awesome and also about $25000.  They store energy from the rooftop solar cells.  
 Lots of snacks.  

 Ashley came back to our house to play.

 My parents came for dinner then we played outside.  Aden is getting way stronger on his bike.  
 The kids played kickball, then it was time for smores!
 Nothing like smores on a warm night.  

 We all had several!

 It's nice the neighbor kids get along so well.
 Monday Eli wanted a popsicle.  
 Play-Doh time!
 More bike riding at the school.  I'm riding my bike trying to take pictures!

 Tuesday was Todd's 40th birthday.  His employees put out 40 cows!  
 Crazy car and chalk time.

 Then back with the neighbors.  

 I hope the kids remember these times.  

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