Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Family Band

It's Tuesday night.  I had to get impressions made a the dentist for a new retainer.  That is so horrible.  That stuff drips down the back of your throat and they had to do it 4 times!  It was nice a warm today.  Aden got more time to practice riding his bike.  He's getting a bit discouraged.  He just needs to take it slow.  He's got the balance down.  It's the steering that takes some time.  

Last Monday, Aden had his second football game in 2 days.  

 Not many highlights here.  
 The weather was lousy again.  
 And we got shut out like 32-0.  
 Aden got knocked out of the game.  I'm not even sure what happened but his leg was bleeding like crazy.  
 Who is ready to try it?
 I went to a funeral for an old neighbor.  It was sad but I had other emotions seeing people I haven't seen in decades.  Where does time go?
 Playing outside.

 Wrestling time.  
 Ukeleles all around!
 Aden is back on the guitar and we might have another right behind him.

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