Wednesday, June 12, 2019

5th Grade Field Trip

It's a quiet Wednesday night.  The twins went to bed without much trouble.  I'm watching the Dead live in Indianapolis.  I should go sit outside and strum on my guitar.  I'm seeing the Dead next week!  Yay!  Back to last Wednesday.

Morning fun at school.  
 Aden's last flag football practice before the playoffs.  
 It's hard to tell but it's such a beautiful view from high up on that hill.  
 While we were at practice, the other lucky kids got to go to Dairy Queen.
 Cuddles before bed.  
 Why are we in Ariel's bed?  
 Thursday morning, the twins watched the girls playing.  
 There was a little surprise at work.  Hello Mr. Fox.  
 Amy went with Aden and the 5th grade to Washington's Crossing for a field trip.  These are Amy's pics so I can't really comment.  I guess they are self explanatory.  
 They loved playing with those muskets.  

 Looks like they had a fun time!

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