Monday, June 3, 2019

Amy's Birthday Barbecue

So Sunday was Amy's birthday!  It was nice having the quiet morning with only 2 of the kids and then a bit of a time on the beach.  We then headed to my parent's house to meet up with everyone else.  The pool needed a new heater but it's ready to go!

 The pretty birthday girl having a relaxing day.  
 Watch out for the alligator!
 It was a beautiful day. 

 Ok, enough fun, it's time to get grilling!
 While we were at the shore, our cousin from Florida and her sister went to visit the old ladies.  My grandmother loves the shore.  We should try and get her down there again sometime.  
 My mom took Ariel to get makeup for her dance recital.  
So grown up.
Back at the house I had a lot of prep work to do for Amy's birthday barbecue.  Ashley and her family joined us.  
 The older boys always go crazy throwing balls from the upper balcony.  

 I made burgers and chicken and corn.  
 Time to pig out!

 Eli loves his corn.
 The kids were super wild.  
 They had to go on a mission to get back a ball they threw over the fence.  The guy has yelled at them before so they were scared!

 Cake time!
 I just realized I don't have a picture of Amy blowing out the candles.  
 Eli still loves his birthday cake.

 Happy Birthday Amy!
 Ashley read to the boys at bedtime.  Ashley and Bandon slept over.  Lori and Bill got a nice night alone!
 Bill and I sat out on the balcony till late strumming my guitar.  
 Bedtime guys!

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